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An Open Divine or Suhul Being is one who has reached that stage of sumarah or surrender wherein experience is defined openly, which means there is no personal sense or feeling in opposition to Reality: We take what we get in the purest sense. This condition is quite similar to the spontaneity and openness present in infancy. However, a Suhul being feels precisely and only what is there to be felt and interacts without buffering or manipulation with all that is (infants have a bit of buffering, range limitation and control), thus serving the purposes of Divine Justice and open hate and love. There are three levels of open divine being which are Jinem, Junun and Suhul. Suhul is the highest of them, being a pure service designation defined around a consciousness of the divine processes we serve and a resolve, a hunger, for justice and proper open being. We Suhul can no longer tolerate existence except in open terms in that we knowingly stretch out open over all forever seeking worthy company and knowing it to exist. We have no buffering for the pain that comes to us; we are simply obliged to help it find its way back to its source in order to realize satisfaction through the service of True Justice (Sedjatining Keadilan).
There are also various levels of Closed Divine Beings as well, which reflect the depth of evil of the specific individuals operating in opposition to Reality through a corporate identity pretending Divine presence. Their power is founded in the pain they have caused and denied their responsibility for (Eu não vou assumir. "I'm not going to accept responsibility for what I have done."), i.e., scornful evil. Considering her amazing genius for inducing pain, Gloria is evidently among the highest of the closed divine beings and stands amazingly close to open sense and feeling in her stultifying evil calculated definition (Eu estou só usando você. "I'm just using you."). She stands in the Divine Covenant, which is actually just a relatively successful devil's covenant. That is, the Divine Covenant is a hierarchy based on pain induction and corresponding power and information manipulation through the imposition of sense and feeling, in a kind of inversion of the techniques of "checking" (cocokan), "accompanying" (pandjenengan kalian kula sami) and "bearing" (nggendong) used in Sumarah. We do use an impositional blast called "rasa shock" (sok rasa) from time to time, but this is just for shaking people out of nightmares not for taking them into them.
The difference in approach between the Closed and the Open assemblies is captured by Suwondo:
We study here in order to seek happiness together, not for our own happiness. Because when you pursue your own happiness, whether you are aware of it or not, you will sometimes bring misfortune to others to make yourself happy. This is what we try to avoid doing. (Kerten 3/10/80)

On the other hand, the Closed Divine Covenant actively studies making themselves happy at the rest of our expense in pursuing "The Way of the Tyrant".
The powers that be in the Closed Divine hierarchy are always involved in a denial of responsibility and accountability. Like any organized bureaucracy, the Covenant is based on the management of the involved beings' energies and activities to serve the purpose of the being or beings dominating the entity and/or providing it with its punch. Evidently, whether she is personally aware of her stupendous power to inflict pain or not, Gloria's punch is sufficient as to put her at the top of any such hierarchy: I promise. The excruciating agony she brought me was so incredible I just stood aghast as I suffered it, wondering what I could have done to define such torture besides trusting her -- I suspect it just made her feel good and powerful to make me suffer. Imagine: I did not like losing my middle chakra, which has still not regathered. And I certainly give Gloria full credit for this unforgettable and unforgivable torment. She has the women's tools which work much better for prolonged pain induction than the male blast items. Women are inside the men's lines because they tend to be more trustworthy and responsible. I sometimes wonder if she is not a brutal and unscrupulous tyrant with a woman's body. She certainly has the smoky aura of one. In any case, the relationship certainly opened me to an incredible agony, whether it was her will to impart it or not and sorting such a mess out does not involve forgiveness.
We Suhul will only willingly work with a "try", which means someone who has reached the tekad or resolve level of association with the rest of us. Anyone who has not attained this level of proper devotion to the job of being is untrustworthy and indifferent to their true responsibilities: they are just playing stupid with us in one way or another. Neither Gloria nor any of the other beings, like Saddam Hussein (if you had seen him being beatifically adored by the Iraqis during the Gulf War as he sent 300,000 men out to roast unsupported in the desert, you would have no question as to his demonic qualifications or his absolute indifference to anyone's interests but his own), in the Closed Divine Covenant is a try. One of the structural characteristics of being as it relates to this group is that they are openly unable to try very hard because that would expose their true relationship with the rest of us, i.e., vicious scorn and arrogance without proper grounding. When you try hard, you give satisfaction opening up to see what is happening and what you can do to help, something they can never be involved in doing in that it would give us all a true view of what they are. They exist suspended in a cloud of indifference and sophistication and constitutionally relate to the rest of us as grist for their mills or cannon fodder. The interpersonal psychology that they use in manipulating and controlling people is a fundamental advance over the normal reductionistic intrapsychic psychology that is dominant in Western society at the moment, but in Java we have been studying the deep levels of association and definition for thousands of years. We understand the world within (alam batin) far better than any tyrannical organization ever could because we assume responsibility for what we are and what we do. We hurt people too, but we stay with them afterwards and stand with the deed, openly showing them why, rather than terrorizing them and demanding their blind acquiescence to our authority the way closed beings do. That is, we give satisfaction; a loose cannon like Gloria will never do so willingly, since she assumes responsibility for what she does only in her own terms. She takes some dubious comfort in the simple expedient of denying justice universally in that it has been clear to her for quite some time that justice is a purely cynical and arbitrary matter for the ancien régime. As is so common among tyrants, their justice is for others and evidently not for those with the power to circumvent it: "You get what you pay for" and they had deep pockets! The task of separating the wheat and the chaff within the Closed Divine Hierarchy is one inevitably involving such debacles as my experience with Gloria: the stakes are very high indeed and there are no rules at all in that defeat means eternal agony through exposure and justice for the traditional callous, autocratic heads of existence. Just to put this into a 'local' perspective, remember how the Greeks saw Zeus: his only real claims to fame were treachery and rapes. One sometimes wonders if Christianity did not arise as a Zeusian artifice, a feeble façade to mask this simple and uncomfortably accurate description of our circumstances.
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